USB Data Blocker - The Original USB Condom –
USB Data Blocker - The Original USB Condom

USB Data Blocker - The Original USB Condom

Worried plugging your device into an unfamiliar USB charging port and exposing it to horrible viruses or trojans? USE USB condom a USB Data Blocker between the male and female ends before docking and be safe.

USB Data Blocker -

USB Data Blocker What is It

USB data blockers let you charge your devices from other peoples' USB ports (including charging kiosks) without the risk of their accessing your phone's data or infecting it with malware. Safe, fast-charging from USB ports you don't trust.

USB Data Blocker -

In computing (specifically data transmission and data storage), a block, sometimes called a physical record, is a sequence of bytes or bits.

usually containing some whole number of records, having a maximum length, a block size. Data thus structured are said to be blocked.

How USB Data Blocker Works

Every USB port and cable has several electrical channels, some of which are used to transfer power and others data.

USB Data Blocker -

The USB condom simply blocks the current on the data channels, meaning only the power channels make the connection between the device charging and the one being charged.

There are simpler solutions, such as power-only USB cables that simply don't have the data channels to begin with.

But carrying two cables at all times could be a pain, and power-only cables may not come in the varieties you need — extra-long, for example, or with a custom termination.

USB Data Blocker -
A USB Data blocker or USB condom may seem like overkill, but it may also be the easiest way to be sure your devices are safe from USB intrusion.


Buy The USB Data Blocker


A data blocker is a small but powerful adapter that forms a block between your mobile device and the charging station.

Think of it as a coupler that allows for power to pass through while preventing an exchange of data. 

Use USB Data blocker or USB-Condoms to:

  • Charge your phone on your work computer without worrying.
  • Use charging stations in public without worrying.
  • Place it as an "always on" adapter on your existing USB/Sync cable and remove only when you want to sync
  • Turn a normal USB cable into a "charge only" cable
  • If you're going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it.


USB Data Blocker -

Use the USB Data Blocker or USB Condom every time you charge your Device like (Smartphone, laptop or Tablets) to any open charging station or USB charging ports. Your Data Protection is MUST

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